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Door and Front


· Because of its nature, wood will expand and contract. Changes in temperature, humidity and other conditions produce wood movements. Wood is like a sponge, even when finished it will pick up moisture and easily expand in mountain and coastal regions causing wood to warp, twist or crack. It will dry out and easily shrink in desert regions causing wood to warp, twist or crack. Consequently, proper precautions must be taken during storing, handling and finishing operations.
· You may need to perform extra sanding steps when using darker stains or glazing applications.
· To preserve and enhance the quality and beauty of our unfinished wood products, we strongly recommend finishing and sealing of doors in a very timely manner.
· Unfinished wood needs protection from moisture and from extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Construction sites may vary in temperature as much as 30 to 50 degrees from day to night, causing warping, swelling or twisting of unfinished doors within 24 hours. Even finished doors will do the same.
· Before doors are delivered, have all windows and exterior doors in place and bring the house to occupancy level conditions. Make sure all new drywall and plaster has had at least 2 weeks to dry.
· Many jobs are finished on site, where doors are not removed from the cabinet prior to finishing. This causes unfinished top rails on upper cabinets and unfinished bottom rails on lower cabinets. This allows moisture to be absorbed through the unfinished portion of the door, causing swelling, warping and twisting.
California Door Corporation strictly adheres to these recommendations:
· Under no circumstances should unfinished millwork be delivered to a job or site that is under construction and open to the elements.
· Doors should not be subjected to abnormal heat, cold, extreme dryness, humid conditions or sudden changes therein.
· The entire door must receive two coats of a good grade finish. Completely and evenly finish ALL PIECES - front, back, top, bottom, sides and all cutouts. CALIFORNIA DOOR CORPORATION WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE DUE TO THESE SITUATIOSN. THESE ARE NOT CONSIDERED A DEFECT.

Limited Warranty
California Door Corporation manufactures and ships UN-FINISHED wood products nationwide. ONCE OUR PRODUCTS ARE RECEIVED, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR US TO MONITOR THE CONDITIONS UNDER WHICH THEY ARE KEPT. We provide special handling instructions with every order, to minimize any warping, twisting or cracking due to conditions beyond our control. Claims on any order or material discrepancies must be made within two (2) weeks after receipt of order & prior to HINGING, HANGING or FINSIHING. Doors will not be returned without prior written approval. Doors must be returned in their original condition to the offices of Cal Door for inspection. Any items that has been hinged, hung or finished, show signs of exposure to moisture, heat or sun, show signs of job site neglect or is modified in any way shall be deemed accepted by the buyer and voids any warranty. If or product is handled in accordance with our recommended guidelines, most problems will be minimized. Remember, you are dealing with an unfinished wood product that will warp, twist or crack within twenty-four (24) hours if not treated or handled properly.

Products must be inspected upon receipt. Our guarantee covers the replacement of doors and drawer fronts in an un-finished state and in good condition, as originally delivered F.O.B. or factory. Any variation from our normal construction specifications is not guaranteed, i.e., reducing the thickness of the panel of frames. A warp or twist of 3/16" of an inch or less is not considered a defect. A twist is measured by placing the face of the door against a true plane surface. Doors are manufactured to the nearest 1/16th of an inch. California Door Corporation will not be held responsible for delays caused by factors beyond our control (i.e. obstruction or blockage of usual routes of transportation, unavoidable accidents, riots, natural disasters, vehicle shortages, prevention of labor, power shortages or lack of materials.) There are no other warranties of any kind expressed or implied.